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Entrance to Faith Inn Emergency Shelter.

Faith Inn Emergency Shelter

Homeless individuals and families with a household income below 125% of the Federal Poverty Guideline are eligible to stay in one of the three available units for Emergency Shelter. While there, households work on addressing barriers and link with other supportive programs/services while looking for a permanent housing solution. 

(814) 726-2400 ext. 120

Melanie Swab


Rapid ReHousing

This program assists literally homeless individuals / families with the opportunity to obtain a permanent housing solution through rental and, sometimes utility, assistance over a short period of time. Participants work intensively with a dedicated Housing Specialist to stabilize their situation and prepare clients for      self-sufficiency. A similar program, My First Place, is available for homeless individuals or families who are age 18 to 24. 

(814) 726-2400 ext. 122

Shannon Sawatis


ReEntry Program 

The EOC works directly with the Warren County Prison Authority to provide transitional housing for individuals exiting the County Prison system who would otherwise be homeless. Individuals can stay for up to 6 months while working with a Housing Specialist, Probation, and any additional support service staff. The goal is to increase the likelihood of a positive re-entry to the community. 

(814) 726-2400 ext. 120

Melanie Swab


Permanent Supportive Housing for Chronically Homeless

This program includes 8 furnished apartment units available for chronically homeless individuals and families with disabilities or a mental health diagnosis. Once housed, a Housing Specialist works intensively with households to identify and address barriers that have made long term housing difficult in the past. These may include a need for additional service providers, obtaining stable employment, and learning valuable life skills. 

(814) 726-2400 ext. 120

Melanie Swab


PATH Program

This is a transitional housing program designed to assist eligible, homeless individuals transition into permanent housing by helping participants to overcome barriers and secure permanent housing. Referrals can come from jails/prisons, rehab facilities, walk-ins, families, psychiatric facilities, and hospitals. While many programs can have rigid eligibility guidelines; PATH is designed to be flexible allowing it to help those who may otherwise fall through the cracks.  

(814) 726-2400 ext. 140

Chris Korbar


Affordable Housing

The Agency has 12 permanent housing sites with a total of 36 rental units available to individuals in Warren and Forest Counties. The primary goal is to provide housing options for our more vulnerable residents. This includes those with a mental health diagnosis and/or substance abuse disorder. Application are reviewed by the Housing Advisory Board for Warren County. Applicants must be able to live independently, have income, and case management services in place.

(814) 726-2400 ext/ 140

Chris Korbar

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