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School Readiness

The Head Start framework is designed to promote overall school readiness by building on domains that have been identified by the National Educational Goals Panel.

General & Cognitive Knowledge

Children explore numbers and understand that they represent an amount, learn shapes, and develop observation skills while collecting new information. Children learn to ask questions, make predictions, explore their reasoning, and draw conclusions

Approaches to Learning

Children learn to begin and finish activities with persistence and attention. They actively participate in activities designed to spark imagination and creativity!


Physical Development & Health

Children develop healthy, safe habits while involved in daily gross motor activities designed to get them moving while learning how to control large and small muscles. Parents and family also have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of appropriate physical well being.


Social Emotional Development

Children learn how to develop health relationships and have positive interactions with both adults and other children. Regulating and recognizing emotions, attention, impulse control, and behavior are build into classroom activities and lessons. using a variety of strategies; teachers assist children in learning how to control behaviors and develop coping skills.


Language & Literacy

Children learn how to use, comprehend, and understand language. By the end of the school year they will know at least 10 letters of the alphabet, recognize their name in print, and develop an interest in books while also being able to understand information from stories or other types of writing.

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