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Utility Assistance Program Offerings 

We proudly work with Columbia Gas and National Fuel to provide two programs able to assist households struggling with natural gas bills, arrearages, and deliverable fuel. We also receive a limited amount of funding each year through the Emergency Food & Shelter program which can be used to stop a shut off in emergency situations regardless of utility. 

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Customer Assistance Program

This program sets up an affordable payment plan for income-eligible Columbia Gas customers who struggle to consistently pay their bill in full and on time. The Agency assists customers referred by Columbia Gas with completing the application.

Mara Johnson 

(814) 726-2400 ext. 110



For customers who met certain criteria or those in National Fuel territory. Neighbor-for-neighbor is a first come, first served heating assistance grant program to help prevent a shut off, pay past due balances, or assist in the purchase of deliverable fuel.

Brittany Spicer

(814) 726-2400 ext. 113


Emergency Food & Shelter

The Agency receives, FEMA and the United Way, a limited amount of funding each year that can be used to assist clients facing a shut off for any utility. Funds can be used for deliverable fuels or toward an arrearage to prevent shut off.

Heather DeRemer

(814) 726-2400 ext. 107

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